Second Favourite Person

by Bastos

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released March 22, 2017

recorded by Bastos
edited and mixed by Alin Cincă
mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios

Cătălin Lungu - guitar
Laurențiu Coțac - bass
Alin Cincă - guitar
Volodea Biri - drums

artwork by Karolina Pietrzyk

thanks to everyone involved in making this record.



all rights reserved


Bastos Bucharest, Romania

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Track Name: Sherilyn Fenn
In the garden outside your shattered window words make me bleed, I want to burn the scratches that run over me. Flowers that I taste turn to plastic when I swallow, in the skin that I borrow. Reality is overwhelming, the universe is not pretending so I hide.

You were supposed to hide, just don’t. I was supposed to hide, I don’t.
Track Name: Man Walking into Theater
There is nothing that hurts more
right above and just below
by dividing all your senses
there are thoughts about the world
I might have when left alone
there is something
but the scream of your door
for the sake of one more.

fragment from a poem by Nicoleta Moise
Track Name: Henry Parker
La stanza e vuota, sorge la luna, io e te siamo soli. In una cerca di una mano, io e te andiamo. Un giornata, una notte.
Vieni parlare, andiamo a ballare.
Track Name: Monroe
The night we said depart was that night you’ve set the sky above, the earth bellow, the water on horizon, the fire in the room.
This is the smoke inside, that fills my lung with dust. Heavy breathing makes you weak and numb.
Track Name: Party Guest Carla
Wake up and go home, my arms don’t work. The road might save whats left to burn.
Track Name: Mrs. Valentine
Land slide, down the hill you fall. Up above there is no one. If I were to write a book about you you know I would and you die at the end.
Words are the ones interfering and keep me awake
Like it wasn’t enought
Words are the guilty ones
Track Name: Principal Howard Green
Cracks in the door make room for more consequences and differences.

Stars blinking
Time sinking
Walk slowly
and wake lonely

Flowers in may are the thoughts of yesterday
Stay, will find a way to go back three years today

I feel something I can not explain. We’ll part.
Track Name: No Doubt
So keep me close
Please forget that I’m not yours
Thoughts are racing
My words are gone
My lungs are empty
I have the feeling
Time is constraining